Jun 15, 2010

Simple med pasta

I'm not going to claim this is Italian or French or Greek or what have you; it isn't.  But it tastes good?


Take a few frozen chicken breasts, chunk them up (it's just easier when they're frozen) and thaw in a a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, rosemary, and perhaps some oregano (but don't overdo that; not only will there be more later but it's easy to overdo).


Farfalle and especially campanaelle seem especially suited to this mix, but any short, robust pasta will do.  Get your water going, salt it, etc.  Toss in your pasta.


Maillard the chicken in a saute pan.  Add chopped garlic (obviously?), finely chopped jalapenos (technically optional), sliced red onions, chunked bell peppers (preferably red), and let that all heat through while the chicken reaches full temp.

Season with more oregano, black pepper, and some basil.  Powdered works here just fine.

Add a can of diced tomatoes, juice and all.  Let that reduce a bit; shouldn't take long.

Add chopped Greek olives (kalamata being the obvious choice), cut the heat, add the pasta, and crumble generous amounts of feta while the mixture is still warm.

Serve.  This can easily stand alone but does wonderfully with some sort of cucumber salad.

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