Aug 8, 2010


Sometimes simplicity wins out.  For me, this often has to do with it being before noon (aka breakfast time), but it can obviously carry on throughout the day depending on your priorities (and the ingredients, of course).  And some classics just call for it.

So, BLTs.  Two versions here, both dead simple in their basic form.  They're definitely toaster oven fare once you get past the bacon itself (and I don't actually object to resorting to a microwave here even if it does come off better in a cast iron skillet every single time).  But the idea remains the same: pick a flavor profile, add a minor twist, and enjoy.

Version one
  1. Cook your bacon
  2. Toast a split bagel under a broiler, tossing on a grated hard italian cheese halfway through
  3. Add either sliced or diced tomato
  4. Add bacon, chopped works well here
  5. Add a green of your choice; I like spinach but an actual italian green would do very well
  6. Layer on alfalfa sprouts (or whatever bean sprouts you happen to have around; mung is particularly nice for the added crunch)
Asiago bagels are an obvious choice here, but onion, garlic, everything, etc all work fine.  As does plain, really.  Just make sure you crush down the top once you're done layering; they become quite unwieldy without some manual encouragement.  Cut in  half and enjoy.  Maybe make two if you're hungry or, ahem, want to use a whole tomato.

Version two

Closer to my heart, of course.  This is the simple version.  If you just happen to have fresh-roasted green hatch this might be the best BLT in the entire history of mankind.
  1. Again, cook bacon, slice or chop it
  2. Toast a fairly hearty bread
  3. Melt a thin layer of cojack on the bread; again, using a toaster oven is easiest here
  4. Add sliced, canned green chile
  5. Layer your tomato, in this case chopped probably is better
  6. Add your choice of lettuce; again I like spinach but romaine isn't bad
Slice.  Eat.  Make another.

If you wanted to go crazy you could, I don't know:
  1. Replace the bread with a sopapilla, stuff the ingredients, make sure you're using good chile, and smother in a red sauce.  But then, that would be complicated, wouldn't it?
  2. Just  use a tortilla to wrap said ingredients, making sure to chop the bacon, and call it a BLT burrito.  Maybe even add a salsa or guacamole to finish it.
But now we're straying back into complicated, aren't we?

(For the sake of completeness, I should link to a post from Farmgirl Fare on pita in general and another great option for BLTs that I've always wanted to try.  Baking at altitude, especially if you're inept in the first place, has proven a problem.)

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