Aug 6, 2010

6.0221415 mashed salad

Umm.  Chemistry jokes are in right now, right?

Ok, so no.  So this is guacamole.  If you've never done it yourself, fix that. If you have, learn to go for minimalism; avocados are in season.

For some magical reason, the local grocery store has ripe avocados on the shelf.  This, for the record, never happens. Most avocados are firm and slightly, umm, bitter?  At least when you buy them.  But apparently right now they're just slightly soft and perfect for just slicing into, which is good, because I wasn't about to give them enough time to ripen to that state.

So, a very, very basic guacamole.  Combine in a suitable bowl:
  • 2 ripe avocados, type doesn't really matter as long as they're about medium sized, but do reserve one pit
  • 1 roma tomato, diced
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • Either some very finely diced garlic or two or three dashes of powdered garlic
And that's it.  Just stop.  Don't add onions.  Don't add anything to heat it up.  It just isn't needed.  A good guacamole should bring out the avocado flavor, not smother it and use the guacamole as an agent.

Mash by hand.  It's actually fun if the avocados are ripe; they squish like playdough.  Make sure everything is well-combined, wash up a bit, and then serve with chips or whatever else.

On the title?  It's a pun.  That is all.

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