Jan 1, 2011

Mediterranean fun

A few weeks ago I ran across a huge sale on meyer lemons (and chicken thighs) and was left with very little idea as far as what to do with them.  So it was experiment time.  In this case I decided to look around the Mediterranean area and see what I could pull together.

First, the lemons.  I took two, sliced them thin, and brushed them with olive oil.  They went on a baking sheet with half a head of garlic and then in to the oven at about 325 for half an hour.  The lemons ended up slightly browned and the garlic was wonderfully mellow and mushy.

In the meantime, I dredged the chicken in flour, cayenne, paprika, and allspice and then browned it in an olive oil butter combination.

Once the lemons and garlic were ready, I chopped them along with kalamta olives and capers.

I added all the leftover flour to make a roux around the chicken then added everything in with a bit of chicken broth and simmered it down until the sauce was fully integrated and the chicken cooked through.

This worked wonderfully over pasta and would have done just fine on couscous as well.

Nice to have a slightly different flavor profile once in awhile.

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